Experience iX Residences’ Premium Amenities

Explore the premier amenities of iX Residences, designed to enhance your living experience. From comfortable residential units to our highly functional workspaces, you can enjoy modern designs fit for work-from-home routines.


The Perfect Facilities for Modern Lifestyles

iX Residences knows the importance of having a relaxing living space that can also accommodate remote work setups. Now that hybrid schedules are the new norm, having a dedicated working area in your apartment complex can help with your productivity.

Experience modern and convenient apartments for rent, perfect for working in the comfort of your home. With our work areas and function room, you have access to a space where you can focus on your tasks. Our all-around wi-fi connectivity lets you stay online the whole day to do your tasks, and our 24/7 security keeps you and your valuables safe even when staying in common areas.

Here at iX Residences, we feature a dedicated working area tailored for those who need a productive space to work from home. Whether you’re a professional or a student, enjoy our exclusive space designed to enhance your focus.

Visit our complex today and check out our work areas! It might just be the place you need.
iX Residences features function rooms ideal for hosting meetings and events. Whether it's a work conference or a personal event, our versatile space can cater to any type of social gathering you might need to organize.

Check our spaces today and take a peek at our function rooms! Host your meetings with us.

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At C2M3, we create spaces where people can come together and thrive as a community. Our homes and amenities are designed to give you room for growth, and encourage you to succeed in both personal and professional endeavors. Invest in yourself today and move to iX Residences! Get in touch with us to get started.