Prime Commercial Spaces for Rent in Caloocan City, Philippines

Explore growth opportunities for your company with our strategically located commercial spaces for rent in Caloocan. Boost your business presence in our accessible location, designed for success. Secure a space today!


Building Your Business Hub at iX Residences’ Commercial Space for Rent

iX Residences knows the value of a good location not just for living, but also for businesses. And with our modern residential complex, we also offer you the ideal Caloocan commercial space to rent. With our commercial units, you can showcase your company and build more awareness for your business.

Our administrative team ensures our spaces and facilities are well-maintained and clean. Plus, we have security measures in place that safeguard the building and your business 24/7. As a space renter, your company can also enjoy fast and reliable internet access from the complex. We even have a function room you can use in case you need space for meetings!

Whether it’s a retail store or an office, iX Residence has the perfect space for your business.


iX Residences’ commercial spaces in Caloocan combine functionality with modern design. Our business units are made to host most types of businesses, tailoring our space to your needs. With the support of our management, we ensure the whole building’s facilities remain in pristine condition for both you and our residents.

The building complex is strategically located in central areas and is a greatly accessible location. It&rsquos perfect if you’re looking for foot traffic to attract clients for your business. You can leverage on the awareness brought by the building’s residents, and the potential clients passing through our busy street.

Come visit our commercial space at 98 A. Mabini Maypajo Maypajo, Caloocan City, Metro Manila. Peek at our business units today!



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C2M3 Properties is committed to creating buildings that encourage both businesses and people to thrive. Our complexes are made to complement both commercial and apartment residents, offering both comfort and productivity in one modern space. Invest in your business today and move into iX Residences. Contact us now to get started!